From bedroom start-up to confectionery king: Kane Dowell’s gourmet sweets story

From bedroom start-up to confectionery king: Kane Dowell’s gourmet sweets story

Kane Dowell is the founder and face behind gourmet confectionery brand Ask Mummy & Daddy, creating unique flavour gourmet sweets for grown ups. Kane’s story is one that may resonate with many and we simply had to share. 

Kane suffered with dyslexia from a young age and left school at fifteen having acquired no GCSEs and not knowing what his future would hold. Luckily, Kane was blessed with supportive parents and soon after leaving school, he began working at his mum’s furniture shop. Soon into his first year, an opportunity arose when British designer Cath Kidston, who was a frequent shopper, came into the store. 

Kane took a chance and decided to ask her for a job, he was nervous and honest in his approach and couldn’t believe his luck when she said yes! From the age of sixteen onwards, Kane worked his way up the ladder and was an employee for over a decade, and got to be a part of the journey as the business expanded from two shops to over one hundred stores worldwide. But, as with all exciting opportunities in life, the highs came with a few lows too, and at the age of twenty one, Kane found himself in debts totalling close to £15,000. 

Kane started looking at his life through a new lens and began focusing on getting his finances on track and after a lot of hard work he paid off his debts, and began looking for a new occupation. After applying to a few companies he landed the role of Operations Manager at growing gourmet food business Biscuiteers Baking Company and it was working in a high-end gourmet gifting business that the inspiration for Ask Mummy & Daddy came to life.

Photo credit: Ask Mummy & Daddy

Determined to set up his own successful company, Kane took a leap of faith and started his sweets business with vegan friendly options from his bedroom, with the vision of creating gourmet sweets for grown ups with a difference. Three years on, Kane is now taking the confectionery market by storm and his products can be found in stores worldwide from Selfridges, Not On The Highstreet and Moonpig to name a few. 

Ask Mummy & Daddy recently launched a cocktail collection, dessert range and spritzer range and next up is a vegan-friendly cake collection which we cannot wait to try. Kane, we find your story heartfelt, honest and inspirational; this week’s shoutout is for you!

V-Land (V-L): What is your biggest dream in life?

Kane Dowell (KD): I want to be able to help others & see them become a success in whatever they want to do! I have had struggles but so has everyone and I don’t want the younger generation to be afraid, scared or shy to not do what they want to do so my dream would be to help younger people become something of themselves! 

V-L: What is your biggest achievement so far?

KD: Going to tender to get a space within Selfridges which has won the leading department store in the past 3 years and getting the green light to have our own space there and acquiring our first large order to launch a full range in Macau, China which we are thrilled about.

V-L: Who is your shoutout going to and why?

KD: I’m going to give a shoutout to Keelan Waldock who is the founder of BWOWNIES. He’s launching a brownie business whilst studying for a degree and he is smashing it, so check him out and give him support, it’s always good to support local businesses. Support local!

We couldn’t agree more, V-Land is always looking to support local vegan businesses, and we do love a brownie! Kane may have covered our sweet-tooth and brownie fix, but for those with a love for chocolate, check out these five fantastic vegan chocolate brands and our recipe section on how to make the most amazing melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake!

Feature photo credit: Kane Dowell